Seasonal Yard Prepping

How to Prepare Your Home for Severe Weather Events

Is your home as well protected against weather damage as possible? In Australia, homes can be damaged by anything from hail storms and tropical winds to blistering heat and torrential rain, but not everyone takes precautions to secure their windows, roofs and walls against severe weather events. If you are concerned about limiting the damage […]

How to Clean Your Window Shades Easily

Window shades are one of the easiest window coverings to clean if you know how to use the readily available materials within your home. This article discusses how you can clean two common kinds of dirt that may mar the appearance of window shades in your home. Dealing with Dust Dust is one of the […]

Options to Consider When Changing Your Kitchen Design

If you have become bored with your kitchen’s appearance, or perhaps have moved into an older home with an outdated kitchen design, it may be time to consider kitchen renovations. A misconception some people have is that kitchen remodels are an expensive affair. The truth is, by focusing on updating just a few elements in […]

Some Important Tips for Choosing Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating can be a great choice for heating your entire home or for just keeping a bathroom floor warm during the long winter months. This type of heating works well for underneath carpeting, stone, wood floorboards, and a variety of tiles as well. You might consider having this type of system installed by […]

Premature Greys: How To Prevent Outdoor Teak Furniture From Greying

Teak is rightly prized for use in outdoor furniture, with its outstanding natural resistance to inclement weather, intense sunlight, mould, mildew and other damaging natural processes. Because of this natural durability, teak outdoor furniture can last for many years with minimal maintenance — however, it will not stay looking new. Teak tends to lose its […]

Asbestos in Your Home: Your Options

Every homeowner dreads the discovery of asbestos in their home. Asbestos is a highly hazardous material, which has been linked to a range of cancers and respiratory disorders, which are caused when the fibres of asbestos are inhaled. If you have discovered asbestos in your property, you may be wondering about your options when it […]

How to Make Your Own Patio Fire Pit

Having a fire pit not only adds a real warmth to a patio, it also means you can enjoy your patio even when the nights start to get dark and cold, thanks to the extra light and warmth it brings. So, if you like the idea of roasting marshmallows in front of an open fire […]